Located in the heart of the Central Valley, Fontana Farms is a family run business in every sense of the word. The business began with Frank and Sharon Fontana, and has now grown to include their son Scott.

The family cares for the business entirely, whether it be tending to the orchard, sales at the Farmer's Market or preparing their celebrated Fontana Farms preserves and toppings.

Frank and Sharon began farming their 20 acres in 1979. They grew, picked, packed and marketed their fruits and nuts at local farmer's markets. In 1992, they began using their fresh fruit to make fruit preserves so flavorful with bite size fruit in every spoonful. Sharon also developed a recipe for fruit toppings. The toppings, like the preserves are full of bite size pieces of fruit and are pourable. They are excellent for ice cream, pancakes, waffles, french toast and cheesecake.

Fontana Farms has expanded the preserve line to include 10 varieties. They also have a line of sauces including their best selling Pepper-Cot Sauce. This one of a kind sauce is made of fresh Apricots and red dried Chile Peppers, perfect for chicken, ribs, pork and fish. It makes a great appetizer poured over cream cheese! Other unique Fontana Farms sauces include Pepper-Peach and Raspberry-Chipolte.

Fontana Farms offer another line of products which include dried fruit and flavored almonds. The varieties of almonds include flavors of savory Hickory-Smoked, Garlic, Lemon-Chili and sweet Butter-Toffee, Orange-Honey, Honey-Roast and Raspberry-Honey.

As the Fontana's business has evolved, they have taken great care to maintain their original homemade qualities. They manufacture all of the preserves and toppings with only the finest natural ingredients available.